Giving Digitized – New Individuals

Giving Digitized has a virtual space for you to help the community with their specific requests. Join our community of givers to help make a lasting change.

Giving Digitized was created to link with non-profits in helping provide necessities for families. Our platform connects those in need with those who can provide. It cuts down the planning process for those who want to do good individually and in groups. Giving Digitized is committed to enabling our community to support each other and continue to help those suffering from the impacts of covid. There are many organizations in the community from local homeless shelters, transitional housing, to community centers have leveraged the platform.

For charities, it provides a transparent view of the requests from the community. Charities use it to request and receive in kind resources, and distribution with verification where its required.

It's free to register and let the charities know that you've sent the resources they need. You can purchase the resources from any site. To make it easy for you, we've added one basket link to send the charities a basket of resources even easier. Of course, your information is safe and not shared (except your email address with the charities who want to send a thank-you note to you.)

Join our group of givers and make a difference today Contribute now

The current active drive through the end of

o March Health and Hygiene Basket

Coming up later in the year:

o Evergreen programs held quarterly, Food Drives, Groceries

o April - October: Natural Disaster Relief Basket

o August: School Supply Drive.

o November - December Holiday Toy baskets: to help parents and children in need celebrate the holidays by granting wishes.

o Winter gear baskets for homeless shelters, transitional housing, community centers, and other local organization are available for you to help.

o Family baskets for those in or leaving shelters for homes to equip families with basic necessities that are generally taken for granted.

To get started click here to Contribute now

Once you register and login, select Toy or Coat Drive. You are now, 3 steps away from making your impact to the community.

Step 1: Click on Coat+ Drive

Step 2: Send the Gift Basket

o Select a Coat Basket to donate

o Click on the Gift Basket link

o Buy & send to the charity address listed

Step 3: Let the charity know of your contribution

o Head back to Giving Digitized

o Click on the Update Status button to let the charity know that

o You have purchased and sent the gifts

o The date on which they can expect your contribution

Join our group of givers and make a difference today Contribute now