We offer a platform that creates a link with non-profits and the community; connecting those in need with those who can provide access to basic resources.

Giving Digitized is committed to enabling our community to support each other and continue to help those suffering from the impacts of covid. There are many organizations in the community from local homeless shelters, transitional housing, to community centers have leveraged the platform. Giving Digitized is a Software-as-a-service, SaaS, Company that will simplify digital operations for non-profits through managed virtual drives. Non-Profit engagement for in-kind donations is primarily in-person or via a high-touch environment has been impacted in a COVID environment. Our Software-as-a-service, SaaS, Company provides online giving that will streamline the end to end workflow from request origination to delivery of gifts to those in need.


We’re on a mission to help the community during this unprecedented crisis. Join us.

Giving Digitized is dedicated to uplifting the community through our service & helping organizations and individuals succeed. We bring the best user experience through innovative software services. Giving Digitized is a catalyst for change with our SaaS, Software-as-a-service, that will increase community impact through our stakeholders – organizations and community partners. Our platform will give the community an avenue to continue participating in established programs, that they may not have been able to do otherwise – either restrictions due to being at high-risk for COVID, having moved to another state or not knowing which organizations are running community giving campaigns, at a given time.

Our application allows you to collaborate, engage, and support your clients, donors and volunteers virtually, no more paper mails and printouts. Focus on your mission using tools that we’ve created to enable you to streamline tasks and manage operations. Intake resource requests, Community Outreach and Transparent view of Request Fulfillment, Receipt, and Distribution

Other public sector applications are Supply chain of resource procurement, Social work management and Job placement of individuals, Affordable housing pipeline management, and Small Business Services

You can lead with data at your fingertips. Our dashboards will bring all relevant data together; providing you with actionable information that will enable you to be ahead of the curve. All the while allowing you to measure success & pivoting to reach your NorthStar.

Our Vision is that everyone will have equal access to opportunities, become champions for their communities, and be the change they need to see in the world.

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Giving Digitized connects organizers, community liaisons, corporations, and donors to serve the community all through one platform.

Digitize Non-Profit
Automate manual and paper-based processes. Our application is designed to help you streamline tasks, manage operations, and allow you to focus on what matters; helping those in need.
Lead with data
Let us bring data to your fingertips. Our dashboards will bring all relevant data together; providing you with actionable information that will enable you to be ahead of the curve.
Reach larger audience
One helping hand is one more than before. Our application allows you to collaborate and engage with your clients virtually, no more paper mails and printouts.
Product Benefits
Take a deeper dive in understanding the many benefits of using Giving Digitized cloud computing solution.


We are committed to enabling our community to support each other and help those in need.

Winter Campaign

Winter basket for community centers and shelters

Angel Tree Toy Wishes Campaign

Help parents and children in need celebrate the holidays by granting wishes.

Evergreen Campaign

Sponsor-a-meal for the day; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Groceries and Food Assistance Program. These campaigns are run quarterly.

Natural Disaster Relief

Natural Disaster Relief Packs for groups.

Seasonal campaigns run at pre-set intervals, avoiding engagement fatigue


Simply put, Giving Digitized is at least 3 years ahead of the industry right now. Most charities are still creating excel campaigns for captive audience, but that doesn't work for on-demand requests in a virtual world. Traditional managers are challenged in a high-touch environment with requesting and obtaining resource, strategy, messaging, and transparency on requests being shipped/dropped off or distributed. There are organizations who have solved for monetary donations and don’t have the in-kind donation space tackled. But with Giving Digitized, you get it all with our expert product specialists.

While Giving Digitized has a track record of helping nonprofits, we have the skills and expertise to serve any industry. The fundamentals of creating a single place to connect those who need with those who can provide don’t vary by industry.

  • 19,550 Meals
  • Resources Obtained for 100’s of families
  • 4 Cities
  • 17 Charities
  • 1000’s of smiles
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Simple campaigns set up for requests and assignment to various corporate supporters and the community won’t take much of your time at all, thanks to pre-set campaigns. You will still need to continue with your marketing and donor outreach to reach your goals.

At Giving Digitized, every project starts with a strategy. Our first step is to perform a discovery call with your team, which enables us to make smart recommendations about campaigns, and strategy. Once we have that blueprint, our team will work with you on creating a campaign specific or year long engagement plan. If it’s your first campaign with us, we always deliver onboarding training on a live call. Our team will provide you with supplemental training material and demo the application to your operational and management teams. Our goal is to help you be comfortable with the training and on-demand training material.

The Giving Digitized application has made operating virtually easy. We understand that you may need operational power when your resources are unavailable. We can recommend trained talent when you absolutely need it.

Find out what to expect based on your project, as well as some price ranges for different types of video. Our goal is to create the right tool for the job.

When you are considering working with us, you want to know how we handle pricing. Whatever kind of campaign you need, our goal is to provide you with the right tool and support for the job. And that means, it has been engineered specifically for your needs. To provide that level of precision, we can’t provide cookie cutter pricing, there are way too many variables. Believe us we’d love to be able to tell you precisely in the first conversation, what the tool is going to cost. It’s a lot like asking how much an event is going to cost, there are a lot of variables that swing the price. But also, not addressing price, is the fastest way to frustrate you. While we can’t give a precise cost for your specific project. What we can do is provide a range and factors that affect cost. The average costs are listed below for a mid-sized nonprofit, we have done campaigns for less and a lot of campaigns for more. Some primary factors that impact pricing are customization and separate instances for work. Whatever you budget, you are always going to get our best work, and have a professional to help you through the process. We will work with you to define the scope and goals run the numbers and set a smart budget for the campaign. If you just want us to price out a campaign, let us know and we will provide an estimate at no cost and no obligation. We look forward to working with you.

For small to mid sized organizations with an average of 300 requests per campaign to supporting 60+ families
  • 3 Foundational User Licenses, $700/user/month
  • Request, complete and check status for resource management online, $5,200 for out of the box functionality for 2,000 application units. [Pricing for customizations of fields and functionality varies based on customer deployment complexity]
  • Pre-built analytics for smarter decision making $150/user/month

All Add-ons are listed on the following section, you only need to select more as needed, to complete your solution, and create a customer centric experience that also digitizes and streamlines your processes.

You may already use some of these products and only need to purchase, those you need and want to use, to complete your solution

  • - Client Lifecycle management with journey builder, starting at $1,250/month. Deliver cross-channel personalized experiences at each step of the client lifecycle
  • - 2,000 application units per user, incremental cloud space starts at $50/user/month
  • - Marketing automation $2,900/month: Email your clients at pre-set intervals with created templates
  • - Community engagement: $10/member/month or $4/login/month
  • - Click to call functionality: $5/user/month
  • - CRM for Client and Partners, starting at $2,000 for 2,000 users/month: Build a richer relationship by creating and maintaining a single identity for interaction across channels
  • - Identity Verification $50/user/month: Enhance your identity for client and partner experience with one-time passcodes
  • - Additional Custom Builds, pricing vary on the customer complexity: Build additional components to realize great business efficiency
  • - Testing environment
  • - Success team - Premier 20% of net price: Get 24/7 phone support, 1-to-1 coaching, developer help, and proactive engagements. - US Premier+ 33% of net price: All the features of Premier and support from a team in the US - Proactive monitoring: Keep your system running smoothly 24/7, tailored alerts, and guidance. Pricing vary on the customer complexity - Technical account manager: Dedicated partner for ongoing guidance. Pricing vary on the customer complexity
We are continuing to evolve, and you can contact us to incorporate new upgrades on the application All the prices listed are for yearly contracts. We would be pleased to work with you and provide support based on your budget. Contact us for your free estimate today.

Get in touch with a member of our strategy team to discuss your goals and develop a plan for your organization. And if for whatever reason you're not thrilled with our ideas, you've risked nothing.